Since 2013, We’ve Helped Over 5000 Homeowners

Substantially Cut Their Combined Energy Bills

Eliminate Hot and Cold Zones

Reduce Their Carbon footprint

Increase Their Home’s Resale Value

Save Wear And Tear On Heating & Cooling equipment

Decrease Harmful Dust And Allergens In Their Home

Helping Preserve The Environment

Become Less Dependent On Fossil Fuels

“We very satisfied with entire YellowBlue Energy Saving Package and best of all the package is transferable if you sell your home & our utility have been cut considerably by approximately 50%. And this is put into our 2100sqft house in Prince George, the house is much warmer than before, and since putting the pkg. in we have not used our air conditioner. We installed the MLI, Invisiflex Paint, Solar Fan and we could not ask for better customer service.”

Larry Young

Prince George, BC

We had this insulation installed in our home a year ago. We have found that we are more comfortable and the home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Joy & Ken Bruner

Nanaimo, BC

We had our house insulated with the MLI in April and we're so happy with the results. We also had the fan installed and the house is so much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The service was fast and reliable. We would highly recommend this for anyone.

Brian & Joan McCabe

Campbell River, BC

Last summer I attended a Pacific Eco Tech dinner and was truly amazed at how uninformed I was as to the health of my home. As an owner of a one year old house, I thought that everything was fine. Now that I have made the investment in the MLI product as well as the solar fan, I know that my home is finally healthy!

Cindy Normore

Victoria, BC

Pacific Eco Tech installed their MLI along with a solar fan. Previously, my bills were rising up to more than $300 per month. Now my bills are between $100 and $200 per month. When I wake up in the morning, I do not have to adjust my thermostat, it seems to retain the heat overnight! It was a worthwhile investment in my opinion.

Norma Steven

Courtenay, BC

Installed the MLI, solar attic fan, and Invisaflects Paint. Now our home is much cooler in the summer time and there is no need to run the ceiling fans. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Good investment!

Fred Hefti

Merrit, BC

We had our MLI installed with the solar fan approximately one year ago. We've used less heat and less cooling system in the past year. For the last few weeks, we've had the thermostat on hold 16° and it has not kicked in. Even at night the air conditioner was hardly on at all. We live in a semi arid climate. We have no problem recommending the MLI and solar fan to anyone.

Andy & Joan Bisson

Merritt, BC

Great company! Super professional, and care about you as a client! The products they use are amazing and majorly dropped our energy consumption- hydro bills dropped significantly immediately after installation. Not to mention what you can do for the environment by using these products. Really amazing products combined with a professional, caring company. I recommend them to everybody I meet!

D Carroll

Google Review

I just had my attic sprayed to get rid of mold that was in the wood. They took pictures off the before the spray and then the after. I have to say I was impressed how well it worked. They also leveled out my blown in insulation, and cleared all the vents for better air flow and added chutes to hold back insulation from recovering the vents. I was very impressed by the David who did the work. His knowledge of the product, his professionalism, his work ethic, plus he and his brother are very nice, polite and friendly people. Over all very impressed and satisfied and plan for more of there products to be installed at a later date. I recommend them 100%.

Beverly Newton

Google Review

Presentation was very educational and we benefitted from our group’s questions. We felt informed not ‘pitched to’. All sales people and installers we professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Installers were on time, polite and completely cleaned up after themselves. We can’t wait to see the reduction in home heating/cooling! We would recommend this company to any homeowner.

Lynn McDonald

Google Review

I went to the presentation in Victoria BC which was very interesting and educational. Nick Reimer and his partner did an excellent job at informing us about there product. The installers, David and Nick did an excellent job, were very polite and did a great clean up after the job was completed. I was shown before and after pictures, and my attire looks amazing. Great job guys!

Kyrene Neeve

Google Review

The sales consultant was prompt and informative and on time with his visit.All our questions were answered. The installation crew were efficient prompt and very courteous. The work was completed in a relatively short time and the cleanup was top notch. We are happy with our new venting installation and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Joseph Calko

Google Review

We enjoyed the presentation by Nick and it made such good sense to us that we signed on. The installation took place within days! Dave and Ken were very efficient and know their stuff through and through, but not only are they professionals, they even helped us shovel snow before starting the job! Nice work, guys!

Mo and Ruth Umran

Google Review

We were very pleased with the service. They arrived on time, quickly set up and did the work efficeintly, friendly and no extra charges were added. We would recommend them to our friends and neighbours.

Rita Wege

Google Review

We got some reflective insulation put into our attics of our1938 house. We have noticed a difference already. The company was totally professional and we are happy with the work done.

Colleen Leary

Google Review

Very informative presentation , and excellent service with the installations in our home . Highly recommend.

Amy Ciampichini

Google Review

The installers were very professional and extremely diligent!! I worked all day from home and barely noticed them!! Definitely would refer them to anyone!!!


Google Review

Our garage would get extremely hot in the summer since having the attic done, it is noticeably cooler. Thank you Pacific Eco Tech.

Slavko & Christine Lucovic

Google Review

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