Solar Powered Crawl Space Fan

Pacific Eco Tech is proud to introduce the world’s most superior ventilation system for crawl spaces! When installed by one of our trained professionals, our Solar Powered Crawl Space Vents helps remove moisture, prevents mold, helps save on energy costs, and can potentially remove dangerous radon from inside your home.


All Pacific Eco Tech Solar Powered Crawl Space Fans come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Our crawl space ventilation systems are powered by the sun and don’t cost one penny to operate.


Weather resistant powder coated finish on all exposed fan parts provide handsome and durable finish.


Removes heat during the summer months and moisture cause mold and mildew in the winter.

How Solar Crawl Space Vents Work

Home and small businesses in Canada that have crawl spaces can collect moisture, heat buildup, and radon gases. Pacific Eco Tech solar powered crawl space vents help prevent all of those elements running rampant in your home. The crawl space ventilation system works by venting these elements out through a ducting system using a brushless motor. The Pacific Eco Tech Crawl Space Ventilation System operates completely off solar power, removing the excessive heat and moisture. This helps keep you and your home healthy over the years.

The fan motor support ring is connected to a splitter, which connects to smaller ducting pipes that leads to exhaust vents outside. Pacific Eco Tech’s Solar Powered Crawl Space Fans provide circulation that prevents the moist air from condensing on structures, keeping certain molds from accumulating. During the hot summer months, your crawl space can reach high temperatures that would allow mold to grow quickly. This system circulates hot air out through the ducting.