Invisaflects: Insulative Paint

Does your home not have an attic or crawl space? Are you still looking to increase your home’s insulation the reduce heat transfer to lower your heating costs year-round? If the answer to those questions is yes, then Pacific Eco Tech has the perfect solution for you.

Invisaflects is an insulative paint designed to be installed in homes where traditional insulation is not a realistic approach. Give your home the perfect coat and allow your insulation to operate at optimum performance while improving in-home comfort.

How Insulative Paint Works

Our insulative paint reduces unwanted radiant heat loss and heat gain. When applied, your home will experience less heat loss from the walls in winter, and less heat gain in summer. In turn, you benefit from a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Invisaflects® White Light Scene™ or Angel Air™ paints by Pacific Eco Tech have unique energy saving properties. These insulative paints are both ceramic and aluminum based used to reflect heat and provide an effective barrier to help slow the transfer of radiant heat. The hollow ceramic microspheres reflect heat from sources such as direct sunlight or your home’s heating sources.