How To Fix A Hot Upstairs In Summer: The Bulletproof Method

You know what’s great? Stepping into a cold, conditioned room after being stuck in the heat. You know what doesn’t feel great? Expecting that refreshing rush of cool air, and being slammed with a thick wall of stale, humid air. That’s just gross. This is the struggle of homeowners across the country during the summer. […]


How the BC Liberals Played Politics with BC Hydro

Article By By Richard McCandless, The Tyee The Liberal government in Ontario is facing a major political crisis due to opposition to the rapid increase in electricity prices, which have jumped by about 70 per cent for peak consumption in the last five years. The rising price of electricity in Ontario has been attributed to growth in […]


Electricity Costs Shock Vancouver Island Homeowners

Article By Katherine Dedyna, Victoria Times Colonist The commission decided on Jan. 20 to phase out the E-Plus program because there is no longer surplus power in the system, and the rest of Hydro’s customers are subsidizing the lower rates. The E-Plus discount was “supposed to last till we all died,” said Oak Bay resident Angus […]

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Energy Costs & Canadian Households

Energy is the basis of our modern lives. It fuels our economy, generating the economic production that underpins the high living standards Canadian households have achieved (McKitrick and Aliakbari, 2014; Epstein, 2014). Energy consumption also allows us to be connected across Canada’s vast land mass and heat our homes during the cold Canadian winters. These […]